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'Here we all are, stuck in a place we don't seem to know.' 

Using music, projection, dance and storytelling Glimmer Theatre explore the sensation and reality of being stuck and living in limbo in a world where borders keep going up and people get trapped in between.
Around the world today thousands of people are stuck in the middle of their journey: caught in camps and cities they never intended to be in.  
In the places many are trying to reach people feel that their leaders dont represent them, and intolerance is the new norm.

So here we all are. Stuck in a place we dont seem to know. Sure that we intended to be someone else. Using vivd sound design and powerful imagery, 'Stuck' presents the journeys of four women and shows how all of us can feel stuck wherever we find ourselves

Presented by Glimmer theatre in Winter 2016 at Ugly Duck: Off Quay, a repurposed office space in the Docklands.


A Response to 2016

Created by...


Tamara Astor

Andrew Brock

Sophie Crawford

Lula Mebrahtu

Deli Segal

Director and Designer

Andrew Brock


Sophie Crawford and The Company

Original Music 

Lula Mebrahtu

Poster Design

Andrew Brock

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